Personal Blog

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Do you ever wonder who writes these blogs? I thought it might be interesting for our customers and Facebook followers to learn a little bit more about those of us that run Abaca, so I’ll start with myself! My name … Read More

Magnetic Fields & Mattresses

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Today’s world is an extremely busy one for most of us, and sometimes we take our bodies for granted, pushing them to the limit with stress and long hours, feeding them unhealthy caffeine and energy drinks, and spending too little … Read More

Ystrad Organic Sheep Farm

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Over the next year or so we are going to be posting regular blogs about a farm called Ystrad which is situated high in the Carmarthenshire hills. Ystrad is both organic and farmed with conservation in mind, and their Radnor … Read More

Showcase Abaca Wool & Horse Hair Mattress

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Showcase on two of our organic wool and horsehair mattresses being made. Two very different types of mattresses first the Nolton, Abaca Wool and Horse hair mattress Nolton mattress. This type of mattress would have been common all over Europe … Read More

Creeping towards spring

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The days are slowly getting longer, and my spaniel and I are walking in the dim gloom of dawn breaking rather than the pitch black of mid winter! Time to think about the approach of spring and perhaps treating yourself … Read More

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