Dog Bed Pillow
Dog Bed Pillow

There are some companies that have a ‘take your pet to work’ day once a year, but here at Abaca we are very lucky to be able to bring our dogs to work with us every single day. Having a dog around is a very calming thing, and of course they sleep during the day on the best beds that Abaca can make! Dogs spend even more time in their beds than we do, so why shouldn’t they benefit from all the lovely organic materials that we have here?

But we’re not selfish! We’ve decided to share our dogs good fortune with your pets and we are introducing a range of pads that will be big enough or small enough for everyone’s favourite dog or cat.

The pads are made from organic cotton filled with crumbed organic latex so they will cradle and cushion your pet’s joints. They will be made with the same love and care that we put in to our human mattresses and will immediately become your pet’s favourite place to take a nap. We can offer three different colours, nutmeg (light brown), cocoa (dark brown) and leaf (light green).

Eventually we intend to make a bigger range of beds in varying shapes and sizes, but for now there will three different size pads that will fit in to just about any basket.

Approximate weights:-

Small 2 Kgs

Medium 3.4 Kgs

Large 6 Kgs


Please Note:-

These dog beds aren’t washable so a waterproof cover may be needed.

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