Q How do they pass the fire retardant tests without chemicals?

A Wool is a natural fire retardant. The upper layers of the mattress are pure organic Welsh wool and have no flammable synthetic fibres or chemicals.

Q What’s the benefit of organic cotton for me?

A Durability and quality that only organic cotton can provide. Non-Organic textiles are compromised and weakened by the chemicals used in growing, processing and dyeing them; all these create an inferior product. You also avoiding lying on, breathing in and absorbing the chemical residues left in the mattress.

Q With all the wool, isn’t it hot?

A Not at all; wool is an excellent temperature regulator. Draws moisture and excess heat away from the body in the summer. A really snug insulator in the winter.

Q How should I look after my organic mattress?

A Turn as often as you can. Protect your mattress with a washable protector or blanket. Hoover occasionally and air frequently.

Q What is Natural latex?

A It is the sap from the Hevea tree; totally free from foams and petro-chemicals. A natural alternative to memory foam; its structure allows it to disperse heat, making it cooler and more comfortable to sleep on in the summer.

Q Are metal springs organic?

A All metal is derived in some way from an ore that is mined from the earth; it doesn’t get much more natural than that! It’s also the deepest component within the mattress and isn’t coated in any additional chemicals

Q We live outside the UK, will it be possible for Abaca to deliver to us?

A Yes! We deliver to all parts of the world via our tried and trusted shipping partners. Please contact us for a quote and we will get the best price possible for you. Large orders are shipped in specially made wooden crates that protect the beds and mattresses from damage, while smaller orders will arrive in sturdy cardboard boxes.

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