What can you expect when you buy an Abaca mattress? First of all our mattresses are hand made by our skilled craftsmen. They’re made from natural materials such as wool and horsehair and cotton and are hand sewn and hand tufted. Lots of effort and pride goes into every single stitch that creates an Abaca organic mattress. 

There are three main types of mattress to choose from. Pocket sprung mattresses which have a multitude of small springs inside and are upholstered with the very best natural and organic materials. Natural latex mattresses which are metal free and have lashings of Welsh organic wool and organic cotton covers. Or the ultimate in luxury, an Italian style mattress which is made using wool and horsehair.  

Need a little help choosing the right organic mattress? Call Us on 01269 598491 or email info@abacaorganic.co.uk