The very best mattresses are always made from natural materials, and our Italian style mattresses are no exception. Sleeping on one of these mattresses is pure heaven, and what’s better still is that they are a mattress for life.

Each mattress is hand made from start to finish, we don’t even use a sewing machine, and the finished product is long lasting and completely renewable.

There is a wool only mattress, the Newgale, and a wool and horsehair, the Nolton. The Newgale is slightly softer, horsehair adds a bit more bounce to the Nolton.

These mattresses are unique to Abaca.

Nolton Traditional Mattress

This luxurious horsehair mattress is made by building up thick layers of wool and horsehair.

Each layer is carefully spread out to ensure the mattress is evenly filled, and then the edge is hand stitched to give the mattress its characteristic shape and structure.

Horsehair has amazing qualities of elasticity, softness and tensile strength while the wool has an unsurpassed ability to absorb moisture.

Combined in this lovely mattress they will ensure you have a really great night’s sleep!

Watch our video on how a Nolton is made

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The Abaca Newgale organic wool mattress is made using a traditional Italian technique.

Masses of washed and carded long staple wool is carefully hand layered inside a cotton cover, then a sturdy edge is created by hand stitching.

Hand tufting ensures that the wool remains in place.

An organic wool mattress is cool in the summer and warm in winter. They are widely made and used in Italy where the sun shines a little more than it does here in the UK! The skill required to make wool mattresses has been handed down through generations, and we are very proud of the team who produce them here at Abaca.

Certified as organic by the Soil Association
Available in all sizes
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