The reason we buy a mix of wools is that each of them has slightly different properties in terms of softness, durability and crimp. A natural crimp provides a spring-like effect giving your mattress an inbuilt ability to resist compression. Wool is a truly sustainable fibre. It grows on the sheep for a year, then is sheared during the late spring, early summer months. It can be re-cycled, but is also bio-degradable. Due to its high water and nitrogen content, wool is difficult to ignite and is naturally flame retardant. It meets many of the international flammability regulations without the need for additional flame resistant chemical treatments. Wool does not melt, drip or spread noxious fumes, which are the cause of many fatalities in house fires. This property allows us to make mattresses which pass BS 7177 (Fire retardant legislation) without adding any chemicals.

Wool is a fibre of the past and a fibre for the future. In the 17thcentury a law was passed that required everyoneto be buried in a wool shroud, to support the wool industry. Today, the Prince of Wales’ Campaign for Wool, which we heartily support, is driving forward the idea that we can find lots of new uses for this most versatile of fibres. Astronauts wear wool for comfort in the confines of their spacecraft. Wool protects mountain climbers and polar scientists, the sailors who navigate single-handed the oceans of the world and men who strike oil in Alaska. It is a fibre fit for heroes ….and for more ordinary folk. As modern as moonflight, and as ancient as the hills. Seven Sisters Sheep Centre.