Wool is a wonderful fibre, for centuries we have worn it, walked on it and of course slept on it. Abaca has taken this most traditional of fibres and used modern manufacturing methods to create a range of wool fillings that mean that you, our customers, get the very best of old and new. At Abaca we take great pride in the fact that we only use Welsh organic wool. We buy more organic wool from the Wool Board than anyone else in the UK, and with every year that goes by new facts emerge that confirm that wool really is a ‘super fibre’.

Recent research has shown that wool is the natural choice for sleeping on or under. It allows your body to breathe in a way which synthetic products just can’t hope to replicate. It does this by letting your body regulate its temperature so that you get to a comfortable sleeping temperature more quickly, and you stay there for longer.

So how many fleeces does it take to make a mattress? Well, a cot mattress uses approximately seven fleeces; while a king size mattress uses around sixteen. Because organic wool is the last to be graded from each year’s clip, it is only offered for sale by the Wool Board during the spring months, and we have to make a decision each year about how many tons we are likely to need. This decision is based on what types of wool are being offered for sale, and this year we bought a mixture of Fine Radnor, Blackface, and Welsh Mountain.

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