At Abaca we have over 30 years worth of experience in helping people choose the right mattress – don’t hesitate to contact us on 01269 598 491 for advice.

We are living in unprecedented times. The coronavirus is impacting on every facet of our lives, and we’d like to assure you that we are taking great care of our staff and customers. Abaca is a niche business employing highly skilled workers, and though we have seen an unprecedented drop in orders over the last couple of weeks, we are committed to supporting our colleagues through the difficult months ahead.

Health is undoubtedly the major consideration now, but mortgages and electricity bills still have to be paid, and we are hopeful that government support will mean that we don’t have to cut working hours or lay people off.

West Wales feels like a relatively safe place to be and our workshop is light and airy and situated high on a hill. We are following a strict regime of hand washing and general hygiene and our delivery teams are incredibly careful to hand sanitize and wear gloves before entering people’s homes.

We will do all we can to support our suppliers, and we sincerely hope that you will support us and carry on purchasing our wonderful mattresses.

Stay safe!

Rhiannon Rowley
MD  Abaca Ltd 


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Abaca organic mattresses are hand-made by our skilled craftsmen.
They are made from natural materials such as wool and horsehair and cotton; they’re hand sewn and hand tufted, and lots of effort and pride goes into every single stitch that creates an Abaca organic mattress.

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Alongside our lovely organic mattresses you’ll find a heritage range of Abaca oak beds. Built to last from sustainable wood, these beautiful handmade beds complement the organic nature of our mattresses…

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From beautifully soft Indian organic cotton sateen and Egyptian cotton bedding to shabby chic organic cotton bed linen, edged with linen lace.

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Organic Cot Mattress


Buy direct from Abaca because we are the expert manufacturers of natural organic mattresses for your growing family.

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